Who We Are

At WashOff, we give you car wash services and cater to all of your car wash needs. We have revolutionized the concept of car washes and the way people think about getting their cars cleaned and washed. We pamper your car just like you do while we wash you car, to give you one which dazzles in front of your eyes. We are totally eco friendly by the fact that we do not use harmful chemicals in the cleaning process, nor do we use gallons of water like other car wash companies do. Instead, we make use of steam which is a sanitizer which effectively removes the dirt, grime, germs and other bacteria that lurk within the confines and indents of your car. Steam does not harm the environment and neither does it to your car. We can guarantee you the best of car washes services that leaves you gazing in admiration until your next car wash

Why you should choose WashOff and our services:

  • Efficient and trusted professional services.
  • Eco – friendly and environmentally conservative.
  • Sparkling clean cars.
  • Affordable prices.
  • One time car cleaning services.

Eco – friendly and trusted professional services:

When you leave your car for a wash and servicing, you can be rest assured that it is in good hands. We take good care of your car and pamper it just like you do. Our professional mechanics and service men can be trusted to give you a car that is sparkling clean and with looks that are brand new.

We lay great emphasis and attention to even the minutest details when it comes to your car and it is always our first priority. You can be guaranteed that we do not use harmful chemicals in the process of cleaning your car, ones that will damage your car as well as leave the environment in danger.

Company History

WashOff Car Steam was originated in the year 2017 with the inspiration to create environmental awareness through our eco-friendly car washes. Its not just a car wash, but a lot more, which involves the complete steam car wash of the interiors and exteriors of your car while providing for you a sanitized car environment to cocoon both you and your family during your long drives. We provide you with only quality car wash services which gets you choosing us for all of your car wash needs. We believe in delivering professional courteous services and adopting only the best standards and ethos of the business. We have adopted the ecological approach in all of our services.

We are dedicated in providing for you and your family a sanitized car environment, one that ensures a healthy lifestyle and travel. The car wash services that we provide you are effective ones with top notch customer services that leaves you satisfied with a clean sparkling car and a greener environment!

Customer Satisfaction is our mission

You can be guaranteed that customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. All of our car wash services are performed with the view to create a lasting relationship between our customers and WashOff Steam Car Wash company, that gets customers coming back to us to satisfy all of their car wash needs.

We ensure that only top quality herbal products are used on your car along with the best of car wash services, done by only professional and experienced technicians in the field. We offer a wide range of car wash services which cover the basic washing to the more detailed aspects of your car. We give special attention to even the minutest of details that your car requires. We strive in providing exceptional car wash services at your convenience, and all at reasonable prices!

Benefits of Car Steam Wash

Car Steam wash comes with a whole lot of benefits not just for your car but for yourself as well. That’s why we recommend
it for your car. Read on to know all of its benefits that
come with it.

Environmental Benefits
  • Steam cleaning involves the usage of just water to clean your car. There are no added harmful chemicals that damage your car in the long run as well as the environment. We use only eco-friendly and non-hazardous substances.
  • Steam is an excellent sanitizer which boosts immunity as well as in sanitizing your car against germs, moulds, bacteria, viruses, and various other microbes and pests that lurk within the confines of your car. These are the main causes of asthma, breathing difficulties and an unhealthy car environment.
  • Steam cleaning has the potential of preventing the spread of these germs and contagious diseases. It also makes your car immune to these germs and keeps it sanitized till your next car wash session.
  • Steam cleaning not only neutralizes allergens but it also more effective than the use of soap and other harmful chemicals and substances.
Health benefits of steam wash
  • Wash your car, but not at the expense of damaging environment around you, like so many other car wash companies do.
  • Other traditional car wash methods involves the usage of gallons of water to remove the lingering traces of dirt and grime on cars.
  • The chemical detergents and other substances that are used in the process of cleaning not only harms the environment by polluting and contaminating it, but damages your car as well in the long run.